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A cross post from my other blog:


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  1. 95% of the milk in is pasteurized you would be glad to see this this if you saw some of the dairies i have been to and still visit

  2. newgreenman says:

    Hi Robert,

    Not sure if your comment got cut short there? I think I got the gist of what you are saying, which is that many dairies use dubious or unhygenic practises, and hence it is a good thing that they pasteurise. Well I couldn’t agree more. However, in the specfic instance of the two cheeses that have been under application since 2004 I can say with confidence that they are safe, and they are produced with the utmost care, attention and respect. That includes care, attention for the environment, the land, the animals, the cheese and the consumers. I guess the purpose of the post was to highlight the disconnect between that application and the seemingly easy approval of a technology being used that does not neccesarily give that same care, attention and respect to the environment, the land, the produce and its consumers.

    Thanks for the comment, but it would be great if you could clarify exactly what you meant!

    Hope the cheesemaking is going well,



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